A little meal prep can go a long way

Paul Rowland – My Story

I’ve always been one to set myself goals and achieve them but when I got to the stage in my life where I wanted to improve my health and fitness I thought I may have met my match.

Having grown up spending all my time playing sport I never needed to think about what I was eating and my food choices were poor. As my work career developed and I spent more time in the corporate entertainment world and less time playing sport the weight piled on, suddenly I wasn’t that 20 year old who could eat what I wanted without affecting my fitness what I had become was that 30 year old who was seriously out of shape and overweight.

This continued throughout my 30’s until, just into my 40’s and a little over 16 stone I thought time to change, easy right? No not at all! I started by playing squash which maintained my current weight and even lost a few pounds however, this really was going nowhere so I started to train with a Personal trainer. He started by doing a full run down on me, everything from health, fitness previous sports and food (or nutrition as he called it). He was so interested in my diet and what I liked and disliked I actually thought I had come to the wrong place. All I wanted was to train, lose weight and look good. After a few weeks and a lot of training I wasn’t really getting anywhere, my trainer kept referring back to my food (which I hadn’t changed) as the key reason I wasn’t getting the results. So determined to achieve my objectives I started preparing my food in advance and in line with the weekly meal plan my trainer had provided.

I got myself into the habit of preparing my Breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack every Sunday, it takes me just 1 hour. I place the food in containers to keep it fresh but more importantly so it’s easy to grab on my way out each day.

My weekly food preparation

My weekly food preparation

After a few weeks I could really see the results of all my hard work but only when I matched the eating plan and food prep with my training did I really feel things were working. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a diet I was still eating food that I enjoyed, food that worked well with my training and at weekends I could still enjoy eating out and socialising. What I had created was a sustainable healthy and very enjoyable lifestyle, yes it takes a lot of determination, drive and hard work but I feel and look so much better, life’s good!

The key thing I learnt is that nutrition is so important to creating and maintaining a sustainable fitness level and lifestyle, I use the word sustainable because that’s exactly what I wanted and 12 months after my transformation I’m pleased to say I’m still in the best shape of my life but also still living my life!

The approach and sustainable methodology used in my transformation is exactly the same as Voyage Fitness use to inspire, educate and train you at their fitness retreats and I can assure you it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done, please remember determination and self-discipline are required but like me you can do it!