I have been on many different journeys with Fred over my time training with him, keeping him on his toes but he always seems to be one step ahead helping me achieve these goals including initial Fat Loss, Lean up, Tough Mudders, Triathlons and more to come! I recommend to everyone and love the passion for fitness he has given me!


Fred has helped me get my mojo back and be in the best shape of my Adult life! I complete Fred’s 12 week complete body transformation which resulted in me changing my life style. He not only helped me achieve incredible differences but also educated so I could sustain and progress even further. I now online train due to hectic work life but he continues to impress me with his knowledge and motivation to help.


After being let down by various other personal trainers in my local area I decided to go a have a look a little further afield, it’s nice to finally find someone that will be reliable and consistent with me. My clothes feel looser, I feel fitter and I’m able and wanting to push myself harder than ever. Fred gives me constant reassurance and goal planning. It’s nice to have someone help me achieve my goals. I’m really enjoying the sessions with Fred and we are having loads of fun.


Fred instantly made me feel comfortable he has a great presence and personality and was completely the opposite of what I expected from a PT. I look forward to my training days I feel so comfortable in his presence. His passion, drive and support drives me to push myself further than I could ever by myself. I feel great and gained so much more energy in my everyday life. He is genuine, approachable, reliable, honest and dedicated to his job. His passion shines through and he clearly wants to help people achieve their goals.


I initially started training with Fred as I wanted to build my body and add muscle tone. I had committed to 4 training nights a week, which I thought would be a struggle to maintain as I had done nothing previously, the sessions were well balanced so after the first week it was easy to get in the rhythm with it. Fred was easy going and made the sessions enjoyable. Hopefully will sign up to another soon.


I started training with Fred as a 14-year-old to continue my development as a goalkeeper. Fred was very knowledgeable in what I needed to do to take the next level through sport specific training. The majority of it was Strength and Conditioning as I needed to put size on but it was all very specific to goalkeeping. 2 years later I feel that’s Fred’s training has helped me to reach the next level and look forward to progressing even further with his support. It’s a shame he has such bad taste in the team he supports.


Being Fred’s brother gave us the opportunity to train with each other. After he developed the 4 week body blast, we tested it out together and this gave me the inspiration to regain my love for fitness and training. Now over a year later of being consistent with my food and exercise using Fred’s online services I am in the best shape of my life.


Fred helped each individual in the team of 13 complete the Tough Mudder whether it was during our weekly group training sessions by increasing fitness levels and specific obstacle technique and training or on the day of the event! He was with us every step of the way including helping us raise lots of money for a local Cornish charity. We can confidently say that not all of us would have crossed the finish line without the help of Fred.


I used to go to Fred’s fitness classes and when he decided to stop doing them I was gutted as it’s very hard to find someone you enjoy training and have a repour with. What attracted me to Fred was his different approach to any other instructor I had seen, he would not shout or bark orders but always motivate me in different ways, he’s approachable and adapts each exercise to achieve my different needs. I now train at Fred’s studio doing varied sessions at least twice a week!


Since training with Fred my blood pressure lowered, I’ve lost inches all over body and gained a more positive attitude towards eating healthily and exercise.

I would highly recommend Fred as he genuinely wants to help you achieve your goals. He is non-judgemental and uses his personal experience to encourage and support especially when things get tough!


I initially did a 4 week Bodyblast with Fred achieving my goal which gave me the kickstart I needed to get back into exercise! 2 years later I continue to train twice a week with Fred and love every second of it. I have a short attention span but somehow Fred manages to keep me motived by keeping it fresh continually adding in new exercises.


I started with Fred after attending his fitness classes, I was apprehensive at first as I had never worked with a PT but his personality instantly put me at ease. He helped me understand how to change my diet to achieve the results I wanted. Fred’s passion for fitness and his obsession to help people is forever impressive.

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