Tallis Fitness provides a rare training experience, not only is it an opportunity to escape the commercialised gym norms and train in an environment like no other, our small group personal training methodology allows coaching to stay at the highest standard whilst giving that community feel with a group of like minded individuals motivating one another to go further than they would have done on a 1:1 level. 

We have a functional approach to our training suitable for all fitness levels and abilities. It’s an inclusive, safe space for anyone to train. 

Our passion is to help people grow mentally and physically to achieve what they never thought possible.



If you’re a newbie to fitness or been training for years it doesn’t matter  to us – the most important aspect is your attitude.

We Work Harder is a mentality we encourage.

We want to see effort. Effort is non discriminative, it levels the playing field.

It’s the ‘just keep moving’ mindset. You v You. Do your best and forget the rest.

If you have the right mindset then the results will inevitably come.

“It’s hard to beat a person that never gives up” – Babe Ruth


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"Finding and joining Tallis Fitness has improved all levels of my personal fitness. I am approaching my seventh decade and it is so important to continue to exercise and stay healthy. The approach that Fred has developed at Tallis Fitness, has allowed me to improve my fitness with an ever watchful, kind and friendly approach. The combination of outdoor and indoor training facilities is a particular special feature of this Gym. What could be nicer than training in a beautiful garden in the Cornish sun! If the thought of a traditional gym puts you off, think again, Tallis Fitness and Fred are very special and I can thoroughly recommend."
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"I joined Tallis Fitness Gym 18 months ago. Not having been to a gym before I was very unsure whether it was for me. I need not have worried Fred made me very welcome. He tailored training sessions to my needs and has continued to do so during every session. I have enjoyed training outside when the weather is nice but have appreciated being inside on wet or cold days. I have trained with a couple of people on some occasions but in slightly larger groups on others. It has been good to get to know other gym members of varying ages and it's alway fun with lots of encouragement and support. My stamina has improved immensely since joining the gym and that is thanks to Fred's dedication."
Marie Collett
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"I have been training with Fred for several years now and can highly recommend him as a personal trainer His programs are challenging , varied and most importantly enjoyable whether they are undertaken as individual sessions or as a team . He is dedicated to his job and is always there to encourage and drive you to achieve your very best and reach your fitness goals. If you are looking for a unique way to train in a warm, friendly and professional environment then look no further!"
Sara Cadge
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"I have trained with Fred for the last four years. Being in my fifties I didn’t fancy joining a traditional gym, I was looking to build fitness and stamina following a period of ill health. Fred is motivational and keen to make the sessions varied and enjoyable. I am delighted with what I have been able to achieve, whether lifting weights, using the equipment or push ups / squats/ lunges/ plank. Don’t be nervous- give it a try, you will be so surprised with what you can do!"
Katy Bellis
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"I have been training at Tallis fitness for 8 years and look forward to every session. I never enjoyed the gym before these weekly sessions. They are varied and can be inside or outside depending on the weather. I find the sessions very positive for my mental health with Fred being supportive and enthusiastic. I would 100% recommend Tallis Fitness!"
Darren Hicks
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"Fred is a real expert at programming sessions that get the very best out of everyone whilst still remaining enjoyable. Not to be confused with going to the gym! Tallis Fitness uses carefully programmed sessions, expert knowledge and the accountability of an experienced coach to help anyone achieve their health and fitness goals. The results speak for themselves."
Lee Collett
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"Tallis fitness really is a unique place to train, Fred is very calculated in laying out the sessions for all abilities to achieve there goals. There really is a great atmosphere here and a great environment that’s non judgmental to whatever your ability may be, everybody encourages one another in the small group sessions to achieve there best . All these 5* reviews are a testament to Fred great approach and attention to detail."
Lorraine Mears
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"I’d not trained for 3 years when I went to Tallis Fitness so I was a little nervous about getting back into it. I’ve never looked back. I’m stronger, fitter and laugh a lot in the training sessions. Friendly, small group training and Fred’s beady eye never seems to miss anything from correcting technique to counting reps. Would highly recommend. Worth every penny."
Rich Head
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"Apparently, weight isn’t a good metric 🤣 But 1 year later I’m 2 stone lighter, can put on my own socks (!!) and run again. Great personal approach, inclusive and friendly, and importantly for me- suitable for relatively ordinary bloke who isn't particularly fond of a gym!"
Ben Montgomery
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"A very knowledgeable PT, who puts everything into making the small group PT sessions varied and enjoyable. Whilst getting us to be the best we can be."
Tom B
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"Smart guy, knows his stuff. Really enjoyed training with him. My first port of call for anything fitness or nutrition related."


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